Sunday, September 2, 2007


The US Pro RR was today in Greenville. Levi won it on an amazing break solo for 30 miles. I got to ride in the HealthNet team car with Crusty, Mike and Nick the mechanic (who worked for CSC last year in europe). It was a good time and I shot a lot of video that I'll put up soon (Jeff-->heavily edited, of course!).

You'd think that time in a team car for one of the top US squads would be dominated by lots of talk of tactics and race related stuff. Not really...I'll break it down: 75% of the time we were either scoping out chicks on the side of the road or talking about chicks, 24% of the time we were giving Jeff shit about how he was driving, 1% of the time we had to deal with the riders (a tire change, the radio and handing out water bottles). Ahhhh the life of a Pro Cycling director.