Wednesday, September 5, 2007


After racing this weekend and a hard 2 hours yesterday I wasn't that motivated for the tuesday crit...luckily noone else was either. It was one of the slower and mellower crits with everyone just cruising along. I was just looking for some exercise and would take full lap pulls for fun. There were a few attacks but most died of apathy and the "chase" was usually mellow--steady enough to keep the break at bay but pretty easy.

Late in the race Karl rolled away with Charles and Toby. Tom S tried to organize a chase but he was too worried about me and Derek who were just sittin in and chatting (I wasn't going to chase Karl down). With just over a lap to go Tom gave up and I took advantage of the lull and launched a 5 second half hearted "attack" then sat up and quit. Derek used this as a spring board to get across to the break but it was too late and Charles took the win.