Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TNWC...crashfest edition

the racing: I did what I planned to do which was ride hard and was in a few breaks--one with Charles for a couple of laps...that hurt, he's a strong dude. It was a big crowd tonight and everyone was riding hard. Most attacks got reeled in pretty quickly. Karl and a couple of others had a decent gap with about 3 to go so ladd pegged it for a while then he sat up and I drilled it across to them but we never could get that far away and was caught...then with 1k to go Ladd again tried to give me a launch board but having 30 guys on my wheel didn't bode too well so i just led it out from just after turn 3 to 400m to try and keep it fast and safe. Somebody won. One area of my fitness that's going bye-bye very fast are my V02 capabilities...long hard pulls at 320 to 350w just killed me tonight.

the crashing: with 2 to go (and we were flying...) apparently someone slid out on turn 4 which dominoed about 5 guys into the median. This was the 2nd trip into the grass this year for Nutty without his bike...at 35mph. Robin and a couple others went down but the best display of bike handling and bad luck went to Kevin--he was able to bunny hop the 1st curb but somehow became de-biked and flew across superman style to the pavement on the other side. Lots of road rash, grass stains and scrapes but everyone was ok.