Saturday, September 1, 2007


Today Brian, Karl and I went to do the 35+ Masters State RR in Greenville. The course was 60miles (4 laps of 15 miles) and was constantly rolling with no major climbs so it was fast. 2 Dudes rolled away at the start then 3 joined them. The break hovered around 1 minute till the last lap when it went up to 1:40. There wasn't really an organized chase, just lots of guys looking at each other for the first 3 laps.

On the last lap Brian radio'd that he was feeling good so Team Outspokin hit the front with Karl and I driving the chase to bring back the break (Karl doing the majority of the work as usual). Within 10 miles the break was down to 30 sec and was all together soon after that. I got in a spot of bother at one point when I put in a massive pull up a small climb only to have someone attack just as I pulled hurt pretty bad getting back in the group and I recovered pretty well but that effort was a major "match" (actually more like a flame thrower).

The finish came down to a bunch sprint--I was pretty fried and got tweaked by the last little climb a mile or so from the finish but Brian was positioned well and had a good sprint getting 6th and was the 1st S.C. rider so he gets the Gold and the state champ jersey. Pretty cool.

Derek from Cycle Center also is the new state champ by being the 1st S.C. rider in the 45+ Masters (he got 2nd and was beat in the sprint by a guy with toe straps! Just him getting beat in a sprint is pretty strange...but that's downright bizarre).

Lots of Columbia riders racing today...Phillip, Ladd, Nick, Toby, Damon, Jamie, Langston, B.L. Ken, Tom S. & Team Sippy Cup.