Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Did 2.5 hours in the fort today...tried to keep the wattage at 200w which is around 70% of my FTP. This tempo is easy enough to do everyday and hard enough to burn a lot of Kj. I'm starting to think about my winter plan. I'm gonna find a workout that can be done in a little over an hour but includes both threshold and Vo2--and do this at least weekly.

On the PM front I've got crusty checking out the new Quarq powermeter at looks pretty cool esp when you can use a Garmin Edge 705 as the computer. Hopefully this unit will be as accurate and reliable as the SRM.


MM said...

$2100 and completely untested tech? Buy an SRM...

Rich W said...

it's closer to $1700 with the Garmin Edge 705...DA SRM's go for $3500 new.

That's an $1800 difference. It seems like quarq has their shit together...we'll see.