Sunday, April 27, 2008


The girls went to the opera this afternoon so I had a large block of time for some bike practice. At around 2:30 I did a quick check of the radar and did a big "Uh-oh" as a large menacing band of thunderstorms were lined up on the SC/GA border and headed our way. I hustled out the door and it was raining a little when I jumped on the bike. The legs felt pretty good after yesterday and I mostly rode tempo and tried to attack the climbs a bit. I held back some as I want to do some sort of workout tomorrow. I got 2 hours in.

shit-->fan. When I got to the gate to exit it was full-on sideways blowing rain/hail...totally epic conditions. I hammered home but ended up getting completely drenched...missed staying dry by about 20'. YeeHaw.