Tuesday, April 8, 2008


After the neutral lap tonight I went to the front and did a short hard effort to get things started then Brian B. did a lap and when I looked back we had a huge gap. Everyone just let us ride away. Cool. The break started with 5 of us, then 4, then 3, then it was Nick and I riding so others would have to chase us. I didn't think the break really had much of a chance...we weren't exactly drilling it. But it was a good 25 minute interval.

Once caught I chilled for a bit then followed a couple attacks, attacked a couple of times then just settled in for the sprint. Austin was away late and I thought a counter once he was caught would be good (I was trying to talk big Matt into launching me) but instead I ended up just looking around for Derek's wheel, found it and sat there. Around here if you want to win a field sprint you've GOT to be on Derek's wheel. He's an ex track national champ and 100% fast twitch. A pure sprinter.

Derek gave me a super smooth lead out from turn 4 and I jumped at 50m, gave it a go...but came up half a wheel short and got 2nd. The officials noted that since he showed up to the crit 20min late--he's officially relegated and I'm awarded the win. I'd still like to beat him ONCE in a sprint.

I felt like total crap all day and riding out to the course but once the race started I felt great. Still coughing...


Anonymous said...

I'm calling total bullshit on your max. cadence! 141! You have never seen 141 in your life and if you ever did your legs wold explode. Fix that computer thingy, it must be broken. - crusty

Rich W said...

I'm sure that's a total cadence for BOTH cranks. Just take half of that. ;-)