Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tonights crit was fun. Attack and chase. A big group. I had a near crash mid race when I was bridging and came flying around turn 2 and saw a car coming so I cut the apex of the turn and jammed my pedal into the road. My bike felt like it leaped and bounced. It's amazing I didn't go down.

The legs were OK but I didn't have much motivation to do anything...I felt like I just sat around waiting for something to happen. Coming up to the end there was a break just up the road and when we caught them with 1k to go I launched, got a good gap then realized I had to ride hard if I wanted to win. Damn. I metered out the effort and got caught with about 20m to go...I gave it all I had but the wind was not in my favor, which is a killer with that slightly uphill finish.

LL, Jay & I are registered for Masters Nats in Louisville on July 3rd.