Saturday, April 5, 2008


Ella had a ballet rehearsal so I did a 30min spin on the bike at the Blatt ctr. Still not 100% but we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Our "stategy" is going to be that Ladd marks a certain 35+ hammer. Jay free lances and Brian and I ride near him at the front and do what he tells us to do. Lang will be gunning to be first 45+. I hope I survive.

Today's Rock Hill crit was eventful: Ladd crashed in the 3's race, took a free lap then won in a late 2 man break.

Nutty crashed in the 4's while in a break and took a not-so-free ambulance ride to the hospital: broken clavicle, which Ella says "why does nutty always break everything?" Major Bummer Dude.