Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Update

Last wk: I did some SST on Wednesday, 2x20's on Thursday then took Friday off.

with Chris/Karl, Mike E, Rob & Casey and we did a nice 3+ hour ride. Mostly just cruised with threshold-ish pulls. Felt pretty good.

Sunday with Ward, Karl, Nutty, Rob R. We did perceival to screaming eagle/601 to congress etc. We were drilling it today and I tried to take VO2 type pulls to mix things up a bit. On the climb up Congress I followed Karl then after the top Ward/Nutty rolled away while we waited on RR. The ensuing chase gave me a NP of 292w for 20'. That hurt. I was feeling pretty strong today but so was everyone else and I got really tired near the end as I tried to work hard on the front. The Nut was killing it today.

I got a chance to ride around on Ward's new Dura Ace electronic group and it's pretty amazing/sick/awesome/etc/etc. Can't wait till mine comes in...Ha, just kidding.

<-- My PMC chart is updated and you can really see how a crash and 2 weeks off can affect your CTL. It's on the way back up though.