Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday moto

The legs this morning were pretty hammered from yesterday so I went out for an hour to spin before getting behind the scooter. They were a lot better once I got going. Last year I did a couple workouts like this but did it before work and kept it at around 40'.

Today Rob K was my driver to get him dialed in for when Casey gets back. I basically went out Bluff road to the cricket store and back. Going out I felt really good and kept the speed at just below what I could handle. We had a cross tail going, cross head coming back and the difference in speed was 32mph vs 27mph. It took about 50' to get out there and I was getting tired after the turn around and was getting hammered by the wind. It was about 90 minutes total before I sent Rob ahead and I just cruised in easy. I did run out of water and I stopped at one of the houses on Bluff where a guy was watering his plants...asked to fill my bottles and he went in and got me a nearly frozen bottle of water. Awesome!

This is a type of workout that a powermeter doesn't really show the physical cost...I'm always trashed after one of these sessions. Nearly 3 hrs total workout and I *only* got 127 TSS. Easy day tomorrow.

My charts on the left are up to date. This week was tied with my highest TSS week (850) this year but with a much lower miles/time which shows the higher intensity intervals.