Sunday, July 29, 2007


I spent 3 hours swimming with a 4 year old this afternoon when I went out later to do some intervals I was pretty shot. The ride out to the fort was good, the ride back was was that middle part that sucked.

Actually I got a few 5 min VO2 intervals in at tank hill before I called it quits and I found a good pacing strategy: ave power for the first minute, then actual watts for the middle 3, then back to ave for the end. That made sure I didn't go out too hard (which I usually do) and then am able to nail the target wattage near the end.


nutty said...

i found today that the best way to nail the end of a VO2 max interval is to have 3 red tail hawks leap unexpectedly from the road right next you, while carrying a snake and making loud noises. the surprise and ensuing adrenalin rush makes the end of the interval almost pleasant.

Rich W said...

Yeah...but the cost in chamois replacement isn't worth it.