Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I didn't make the crit tonight...The girls are headed to Seattle for 3 weeks so I wanted to spend some QT with the kiddo. We rode around Shandon hitting the park, the park again, EarthFare then Yo Burrito. Her new pink flowered Bell helmet came today so of course we had to show that to everyone too. Lots of new upgrades on the way for her bike....new rear $29 bmx wheel (the rear stock hub is seriously bad), grips, stem bag, horn, bell, water bottle holder. That's gonna be one pimped out WeeRide. I also need to figure out her SS gearing...when we hit a hill I yell out "kick it" and she gives me a good boost, most of the time though she's just free wheeling and waving to people. Oh Yeah...I got some $4.99 MTB slicks too...those should be some sweet rollin' tires (6tpi?). It's all good...