Sunday, May 27, 2007

bread and buttah

Went out today to do some threshold intervals. These are the staple of training…gotta have a high threshold as a good base for just about everything else.

Phillip and I headed to the straightest, longest, flattest road in Columbia…Bluff Rd. Not the greatest traffic wise but when you’re at the limit you’re not as afraid for your life. It actually wasn’t that bad today.

The plan was to do 2×20 min at 285w. Things started great…felt strong and for the first 8′ I did 290w then 12′ at 278w (gives an ave of 283w for the entire interval). I took a 2 minute rest then started up again. This time it was harder to maintain my target and near the end I
was really struggling and ended up bagging it after 10min. I feel like 285w is probably pretty close to my FTP right now. When it was all over I had 2:30 hrs, 130TSS and close to 50miles. I was a little tired from yesterday’s VO2 workout and right now I can barely hold my head up!

The wife and kid are away for the next 8 days so I’m planning a huge block of training…