Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TNWC 5/22

I decided to do a loop in the fort before the race for a little pre-mitchell training with Nutty. Tried to keep it steady tempo. I think for the next 10 days I need to keep the intensity low and just pile the miles on. We’ll see.

The crit was pretty fun tonight, not too hard but lots of attacks. There were enough fast guys there to chase down any breaks and that’s pretty much what happened. It was a small turnout.

A couple of notable moments…Brian C. put the hammer down at one point early in the race and I could see that the 4-5 guys behind him weren’t gonna be able to keep that pace so once he pulled off I gave it a couple seconds then attacked up the left gutter. Insta-gap and thankfully Jay saw it go down and he joined me for a little 2-up TT for a couple of laps. It hurt. Bad. And once we were caught I found the back of the group and tried to get my shit together and was able to eventually recover. Later a dangerous looking group of 8 or so was up the road so I waited till Ken drilled it and then same story…I jumped across to the break dragging Kevin along. Of course it soon fell apart and we all got into bunch sprint mode…meaning we let a couple of guys go up the road and rode tempo till the last half lap.

Tonight was probably my best chance of winning one of these races that I’m gonna get. I had Ken’s wheel and got a great lead out but I just didn’t have the speed to come around him at the end…got beat by a half bike length or so and I never felt like I was on top of the gear.