Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday group ride

Ever have a day where you feel like complete crap but end up riding really well? Today was my day…

Heading through the fort I felt dead, down ridge rd…dead, harmon…dead, Mt. Elon…hey, how come I’m first over this climb? Did everyone stop for a picnic? From there it just got better.

Coming down Airbase in a paceline I did a “Psssst, Phillip….I’m launching on the little climb” I knew he’d follow then I’d make his ass work in the break. Ha Ha Good job Nutty! For the Airbase UPHILL sprint some No-name ex-Belgium Cat. 1 left me in the wind at 300m and called it a “lead out”. Maybe that’s cool in Europe or Indiana but not here. In those situations you just gotta GO so I put my head down and really felt…Nothing, just speed. Flow. Whatever you want to call it. I could see my legs moving but I couldn’t feel them. Itsa very niiiiice (borat voice)…too bad the other local No-name ex-Belgium Cat. 1 got me at the line (why don’t these guys go back to where ever they came from ;-) )

Anyway…it was a good ride and I forgot all about the crappy-ness of the start.