Sunday, May 20, 2007

Screamin' Eagle

CTL: 70.7 ATL: 84.5 TSB: +1.9

Weekly Summary (Mon-Sun): 5656 kJ, 10.6 hours, 598.6 TSS

Today was a really great ride, we went through the fort and down percival rd to screaming eagle and around to congress. About 65 miles…good legs, good small group and amazing weather. It wasn’t destined to be a slugfest due to Robert riding in the mtns yesterday and Karl doing a big ride with Nutty on Sat. I upped my FTP in WKO+ to 285w (from 275w) due to the recent tests I’ve done. I don’t feel that 301w is a realistic FTP for me right now…I did a few 10min pulls at this wattage but it was pretty hard. To hold it for an hour…not likely. 285w is more in line with that. Close to a 200 TSS day so it was a good one.

Today was the first day I’ve ever motorpaced behind a Tank…actually a flatbed truck carrying a tank. There were 2 of them and the 2nd truck was not too happy about us riding in front of him. In retrospect there’s no way in hell that semi could have stopped if one of us had gone down or something had happened. Hey but it was fun, right?

The other revelation was when we turned onto Congress and Karl pulled at an ever increasing pace from the turn all-the-way up to the top…I kept thinking he should be getting tired soon but of course that didn’t happen. I popped about 150m from the top and basically threw out the anchor. Damn you Kaiser…