Tuesday, May 1, 2007

TNWC 5/1

Tonight’s race was a good one. An early break went with Karl and a few others and it took the group a while to catch…it was a pretty mellow chase but steady.

Once the catch was made everyone sat up and that’s when I saw Jay and Jamie go at about 20min in. I jumped on their wheel for an insta-gap and we rode off as the group just let us go. I felt pretty strong and was taking some hard pulls…about 350w for 45 sec each. Jamie started to lose it and he got shelled after about 15min. Jay and I settled in and I started to think about survival. I began alternating a hard/easyish pull.

At about 45min in I started to lose it and instead of just riding Jay’s wheel for the last 3 laps I told him I would give everything for a half lap then say “see ya!”…I actually thougtht the group was closer than where they actually were. So I gave a suicidal pull and just after the start/finish I pulled up.

Here’s what it looked like (Pnorm: 267w, ave 243, ave speed 25.6, TSS 71.1, kJ 658)