Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TNWC 5/29

Tonight started with a nice neutral lap then at the start/finish Chris S. and Perry attacked leaving the group looking at each other...would Karl chase down his wife? I don't think so...I know I wasn't about to do any work at the front. She'd kick my ass!

Once we finally brought them back the usual attacks began. I found myself in a break with Karl and "mystery strong dude" (Robin was also there for a while). We were working well but getting a bit tired so it was nice to turn around and see Jay leading a group of 8 up to us containing the usual suspects.

I then went into major conserve mode doing as little work as possible. On the bell lap Jed put in a massive attack on the backside that I had to really dig deep to latch on just before turn 3. I sort of recovered then it came to a sprint between Brian, Jed, Jay, Mystery dude, and me. I was positioned perfectly and had a perfect leadout from Brian but still my sprinting has sucked lately so I got 3rd with Brian winning.

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MM said...

Pick a layout for pete's sakes...