Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday group ride

Chris, Nutty and I did an easy loop then met up with the group ride. There were a lot of folksout tonight and the pace was kept relatively high. My TSS was low as a result but I felt pretty good despite the last two days of moderately hard riding.

Nutty and his heterosexual male friend decided to light it up on the descent down Horrel Hill and we were attacking and countering at 40mph. Fun! Felt like the last k of LBL. I tried to make it hard on the roubaix section but the group was too big (and too fast!). I took a long 300w pull up to airbase which was probably not the best idea considering I would be sprinting about 3 minutes after turning left…Nick from Outspokin is really riding strong right now, impressive.

On Shop Road the Nut put in a huge pull that gapped him and I off the main group and I kept looking back and wondering where the hell everyone was cuz I didn’t want to sprint, just make a very hard leadout…way to go Nutty!