Saturday, May 3, 2008

post peak blues

Did the group ride today and tried to be in the wind a lot. Mostly tempo riding with a few efforts thrown in. I tried to take 5-8min pulls at around 250-280w. My PE was on the high side.

In my very brief racing career I've always had trouble doing a double peak in a year. Mostly that was due to no big events in June/July/Aug and lack of motivation after the early spring races and being burnt-out on traveling.

This year is working out better. We've got a solid team to travel with (which makes a huge difference) and I've got a goal to be flying by July 4th. I've got 8 weeks to get there.

I'm feeling a bit flat right now after the recent races and have been looking back to my January workouts to get a plan for the next few weeks. It will be lots of SST and threshold work then I'll start adding in Level 5-6 later in May. June will be big mtn rides, more volume/intensity then I'll do some form of taper (7-10 days) for July 3rd. At least that's the plan...