Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TNWC #11

I haven't done the download yet but tonights crit was good. Fast with lots of attacks as usual. I did an opener on the first lap to stretch the legs and they felt good. I pulled off and Lang attacked taking a couple with him. This was good cuz I could chill at the back and wait for the chase to do it's thing.

After a couple laps we caught him and I rolled off the front in the left gutter...Jamie saw me go and came along. Francisco bridged and we settled into a good 12+ minute break. The "catch" consisted of a chase group of about 12 people...the group was totally shattered tonight. People were all over the course. Carnage.

After that I started having a little left calf cramp/pain...it didn't do anything but annoy me. I bridged/attacked a few more times then settled in for the "sprint". With 2 to go I was in my usual place...on Derek's wheel but decided that there was no way in hell I was going to out sprint him with a massive tailwind up the final stretch. So I freelanced it...attacked on the backside...went up to Lang who had a small gap, but he was dead then just hopped onto Toby as he led it out and I did a 300m "sprint/leadout". Yes...Derek won...bastard!