Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TNWC #12's not even june yet and we've been doing the TNWC for 3 months! Time for a road race in the fort...stay tuned!

Last nights race started out fast and stayed that way for about 18'...I just sat in waiting for it to slow down and the inevitable attacks to start. There wasn't that big of a group and everyone was riding hard so no breaks stuck.

On the last lap I told Lang I would lead him out to counter the derek factor but in the end that wasn't necessary and Lang won anyway. I found derek's wheel...surprise, surprise (he was riding his track bike and was a bit over or under geared...not sure but he didn't have his usual mojo) and my sprint totally sucked. Oh well...I burned some Kj and had a good time.


JB said...

Lang won?!? I heard Stephen Williams won on his Fast Felt! What gives?

Rich W said...

I wasn't in the best position to see the line so someone standing at the start/finish should chime opinion is that if I don't win then it doesn't matter. ;-)