Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Another good crit tonight. Lots of attacking and chasing. Before the race I told myself to just chill tonight and sit in...that lasted the neutral lap.

At about 15' in Damon and someone else had a good gap--the Harrells boys were massing at the front so I launched across to them. I took one hard pull and then it was just me and Damon (sorry brah)...we were really flogging it in that break. I had an NP of 305w for those 12' we were away. A Sufferfest.

Multiple attacks/chases followed then it all looked like a field sprint at the end. I decided to organize a lead out for Brian. I put Ladd in front of me with Brian on my wheel. Halfway down the back stretch I told Ladd to GO! so we'd be first through the last couple of turns...he drilled it through turns 3 and 4 (with me yelling at him...Faster! --I can be a real ass sometimes ;-) I took over just after turn 4 and buried it until 50m to go and Brian easily won by a couple of bike lengths. It's nice when it all works out.

I got the new steel Powertap axle installed and it really made a difference in the feel of my back wheel. No more brake rub noodle-ness. It's solid. Sweet.