Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tour de LR

Good fast group ride tonight...some new N.E. faces. One bad crash for a young kid when his hand slipped off the bars during a downhill sprint...I was right behind him and saw it all, no broken bones but probably should have been. He hit hard, total yard sale. He learned a painful lesson...he's a strong rider but he's gotta stay in the saddle.

Coming down airbase was fun...about 6 of us flogging it. I gave Marc W a great leadout to the sprint (not by plan).

At the end of the ride I did a 3:30 effort at VO2...about 330w and it felt good. It's time to start the dreaded 6x5' intervals.


Aaron Trent said...

Hey, I'm Aaron. I went down last night because I pulled out of my pedal. Just wanted to let you know.

Rich W said...

I'm glad you're OK. That had to hurt.

Aaron Trent said...

It was not pleasant, but I feel very fortunate and I will stay seated unless the road turns up.