Saturday, May 17, 2008

Solo EZ

Had to work till noon today then I just cruised the Crusty Loop and added some, total of 3:30. Awesome day out there, it went by quick. My new plan is to cut down the volume and start increasing the intensity a bit and see what happens. Most of the cool people are headed to the mtns I get to stay here.


Anonymous said...

Since I don't know......can you please tell me exactly what the Crusty Loop is and where does it go? Sounds like it could be a good ride.

Rich W said...

You've got a sandwich named after you and now a're sooooo special.

Most people call it the crusty loop...I call it the shithead loop. It's all the same.


Anonymous said...

Hey assface....where does it GO? Just answer the question, leave the getting funny part to me.
And you owe me $50

Rich W said...

Ridge--harmon--old leesburg--congress--willie wilson--chaingang--chalk--poultry--zeigler--gmart--home.

Will you take Bushmill's in trade?