Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day eight TNWC

Tonight it was very hot and I was feeling very flat/apathetic. Didn't do too much...Sat in for the first 20' then was in a small chase group that was getting nowhere so I made one attempt to bridge solo to Lang/Sam and got within 3-5 seconds before blowing up. So close but yet soooo far.

I was in a winning break earlier this year with Sam and I knew it would be tough to bring them back. They stayed away from the gun so that was some impressive riding. Not my best effort in a race...oh well.


JB said...

Time for a little break there big fella. I know from firsthand experience. I have been cooked since Greenwood/MM double and just felt human today for 1st time in 9 days! Rest up and knock 'em dead at Nats.

Rich W said...

I hear ya...I just gotta bang out another week of intensity and then I'll be done and can start to taper. I think it was the heat more than anything else last night...it was brutal.