Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day six

7:30am Just got back from an hour motorpacing session with nutty...the scooter is a cruel mistress...

Update: This morning was hard. I felt on the rivet for the entire session but it was weird that my NP was pretty low at 244w for 54min. My cadence was 98 and ave speed of 30mph. Nutty was an awesome driver and kept it steady--I do know how hard it is for a 23yo to get out of bed at 5:45am! Being behind the moto really simulated a race pace...times below threshold and times way, way above it.

I was in a funk all day at work and was basically worthless...the head and legs were fried. I was kindof dreading the group ride cuz I felt so bad.

Once I jumped on the bike tonight I felt 100% better...that was weird and I felt super strong but tired at the same time. Tonights ride was good/fast but a bit subdued--with the usual race type break flogging it down airbase. I got a little crampy near the end but am pretty pleased with the day. Karl is absolutely killing it right now and back to his usual self...we needed that in April's races!

Total TSS: 242...a big day for sure.


Quentin. said...


Sounds like hard work! :-) Couple of questions, is your power file .jpg a simple screen dump? and what package do you use to annotate the file, it looks good.

Keep up the good work, I'm following your progress!


Rich W said...

Thanks...I use a program called Skitch. It's a great program but Mac only.