Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day four...D'oh!

Today I went out early and did some Barts:

These are shorter, harder intervals. I planned on doing 10x1' (3' rests) at around 150-160% of FTP but somehow ended up with 9 of them. Hypoxia mixed with 90ยบ temps will do that to you.

I started out pretty first 5 were solid and I had great legs, then I struggled a bit. I did these at the crit course and from the turn-around near the entrance on Bluff up to the top of the homestretch at turn 1 was one minute. An easy cruise around the course and I was ready for another one.

Bigring √, iPod volume √...Go...Stand and sprint for 15sec...sit and drive it till that shadow @ 300m to go...keep going...push on the pedals...stand and sprint all out for 10sec...done...that freakin hurt.


Chris said...

the Bart-erval, haha, i dig it

Rich W said...

I gotta give credit to Ulh Albert for that one...