Thursday, June 26, 2008


The TNWC was pretty uneventful for me...was in a couple of breaks but missed the one that stuck but chased pretty hard. Ladd/Jay/Brian/Lang were out and everyone's showing some awesome form right now. I think we're going about as good as possible for Louisville.

Tonights group ride was pretty sedate but fast and steady...I tried to just keep everything together and take some monster pulls. It was pretty fun and a return of Nutty to the fray.

So I'm done with my Nats prep. The race is in a week so I'm officially in "taper mode" which is a good place to be. I'm feeling pretty strong and "peak-y" right now...tonight I was smashing the pedals and it felt great.

The plan is to maybe do the beer ride tomorrow, 2 hrs Saturday with a few easy threshold efforts, Sunday off, monday easy, tuesday I'll sit in at the crit, travel wednesday (try to spin a bit once I get there), race thursday/sunday. I'm gonna look at my PMC chart this weekend to fine tune but I think I'm set.

Geeks: Google maps now has "street view" for Columbia.