Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day one

Today is Day one of intense training for Masters Nats...I've got a month to get ready.

It was farking hot today...I did 5x4' intervals at VO2 on tank hill. I knew they would suck but kept hoping that somehow someway it wouldn't. It did. After the intervals I did an easy loop. It felt good to at least get back on the bike.

My last 2 weeks were dominated by a minor house painting project that went nuclear and consumed a boat load of afterwork hours. It's done, and now I'm thinking of trying to get back some sort of form.

Chris/Karl are going to the mtns on Saturday. The weekend trip fell through but they're gonna do a 80 mile ride leaving from Cola. If you wanna go let me know and I'll put you in touch with Chris for the details. I'm not going...I need to stick around here and will try to get 2 solid days in.

And who would have thought that Elmo auditioned for the Joe Pesci role in the movie Casino...NSFW.


LL said...

I did 96 in honor of the degrees!

spokejunky said...

4x10 in the garage. Sucked big sweaty ones.