Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day five TNWC

96ยบ tonight but a ton of people showed up to race...probably close to 50-60 people. Cool.

It was full on from the gun with a large break rolling away at KM 0. Chase/Attack/Chase...fun racing. At about 35' in I found myself in a break with Lang, Jamie, Damon and another Harrells dude. We were all working really well together and built up a huge gap and I thought we could hold it if we kept drilling it. I was taking long very hard pulls (Lang too) but unfortunately tired legs prevailed and despite lots of vocal encouragement from Lang and myself we got caught with 2 laps to go.I was pretty dejected with getting caught and nearly just rolled it home but here's a tip: never quit.

The group was strung out and I jumped on the back and sat there for a while. At 1 to go I rolled up and put myself in the usual #1 spot right on Derek's wheel. At turn 4 he ended up on the front and I could tell he decided to just lead it out so he just freakin motored away. I got a great ride up to about 150m to go and he went left, I went right and had a beautiful run at the line and noone in front of me--clear sailing...Just at the finish Marc W. came tearing up past me absolutely flying and pipped me. Damn!

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Quentin. said...


Damn Damn, and blast, reading this I was convinced you were going to be over the line first, such is life. You're sure putting in some serious graft! Wish I had your weather mind you, raining here, as usual :-(