Sunday, January 25, 2009

a good week

Today was pretty cold this morning but it wasn't gonna get any warmer so I headed out with the group. I either planned on riding extremely long or short and hard...since it was 41˚ I decided to go the hard route.

After an hour or so I split from the group and did 20' at 100% FTP (276w) down Bluff road. This put me at the crit course...I rested for a couple minutes then did another 15' interval.

I felt pretty good today and my CTL is rising vertically...currently is at 48 TSS/d. I did around 700 TSS this week. Just gotta stay healthy and keep plugging away.


Jay said...

What's your TSB going to be tomorrow? -52?

Rich W said...

I'm only at -40...probably time for a rest day!

I did hit -52 on 12/22, that's probably a new record.