Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Wattage Channel presents: Threshold Week

Looking at the weather for today through the weekend didn't look that great so I switched gears and decided to get 4 threshold workouts done instead of the longer rides.

I went back to the Crit course and did a repeat of tuesday's workout. 2x15' with a couple minute break. My pacing was pretty good: 283w and 282w. Again I felt extremely good on the bike and this workout wasn't that hard to complete.

Just as I finished A.T. showed up and started his intervals so I tagged along on his wheel for a while to rack up some "free" TSS. Looking at my file you can see the benefits of training with a power meter (he didn't have one)...he was going a bit too easy on the backside (downhill) and too hard on the finish side (uphill).

This was a pretty good workout and put me over 100TSS for the day. I'm planning on doing pretty much the same workout Sat/Sun then doing some insanely long rides next week.


Aaron Trent said...

That is interesting to look at. My power is like you put it, too high, too low. Also, I think my computer needs to be reset because your speed readings in that file are higher than what I was seeing. That's good for the ego.

Joel said...

On the way back over the big pond this last Monday, I noticed the in-flight entertainment system offered HBO fare, specifically Flight of the Conchords. I remembered thinking "hmm, Rich was raving about this show, ought to check it out" and I was not disappointed, that's some funny stuff!

Rich W said...

The new season of FOTC starts this week. You can watch some older stuff on YouTube.