Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I gotta give my yearly shout out to Uhl Alberts BLOG. It was the inspiration for this one. He's a wattage geek extraordinaire and he trains in a very structured way explaining the how's and why's along the way. If you're learning about wattage and training his blog is a must read.

Tonight I wanted to do some microintervals to mix things up a bit. I did these Barts last year at a bit different intensity/time. So I headed to the crit course and did two 20' intervals where I alternated 30s of 330w then 30s of 225w. This gave me an average wattage of 280w for each interval (286w NP). The second interval was pretty hard and I really had to concentrate to maintain the zones.

These were surprisingly easy to complete because mentally you're always engaged with the timing and 30s goes by fast. Time flew by and my legs felt awesome tonight. I then hooked up with AT for a little extra cruising. 1:28 and an IF of .96 (136TSS): that's an efficient workout.

My pacing for each interval was weirdly identical...I am the man when it comes to pacing.


Jay said...

96.5% is really high for 1.5 hours considering that your TSB is so low and that you're FTP isn't set too low like some people out there.

Rich W said...

I was looking at that too. I've got my FTP set at 275w in WKO considering how early it is in the season and my past numbers this time of year...it's probably closer to 280w or 285w (which is a good thing). Sweet Spot Baby!

I guess I really need to do a test to see what it actually is. You need to try these microintervals and tell me what you think.