Saturday, January 17, 2009


Recently my  opinion of Twitter went from "a complete waste of time" to "freakin kewl" and that was thanks to LA.  Who really wants or needs to know what I had for lunch...but following Lance as he trains/parties/etc is pretty entertaining.  

Twitter is probably the best medium for pro cyclists cuz they have a hell of a lot of free time, they love new gadgets (blackberries/iPhones), they're too lazy to maintain a blog,  and they're usually so narcissistic that they want the world to know what they're doing every minute of the day....enter Twitter.  A few seconds on a Blackberry and everyone knows you just shaved your head.  

So go sign up for twitter and check out who I "follow".  My favorites are LA, his photographer Liz Kreutz, Zabriski, Taylor Phinney, George H, Johan, get the picture.  

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LL said...

I'm in. Pretty neat.