Saturday, February 16, 2008

275 TSS

Today I felt like I got some of my mojo back...maybe I was gettin a bit overreached with my training or something but today I had great legs. A very nice 70° day.

We decided to start out with the group ride and some people got a little bent out of shape because we were riding hard and not waiting at every intersection. Sorry, we weren't trying to be dicks. Group dynamics: gotta love it.

Coming up Old Leesburg there's a long climb and we usually go hard here. Ladd and I ended up on the front and I put it at 333w (my VO2 range is 297-338w) and kept it there for the 5' climb. I could hear LL breathing hard so I knew it was a good tempo (his 5' ave was 415!). Once we got to the turn off there were 6 of us left: LL, Me, Lang, Jay, Clemson Nick and Casey.

WTF? What was this 20 y.o. girl riding a piece of crap Trek 1000 still doing with us? And us means: a Cat1, a Cat2 and three Cat3's. We turned onto Chain gang and I said "lets go hard" so we drilled it at race pace all the way to eastover. Short 400+w pulls and cruising at 30mph. We were motoring and Casey just sat there and never got dropped (I think she did beat LL in the sprint...). Amazing. Sign her up.

At the Gmart we all split up. LL/Jay went home, Lang and I headed out to the cricket store then back to the fort. He had to go save some lives so I did another loop. I'm really amazed at how good I felt today after such a crappy week.