Sunday, February 10, 2008


On friday I tweaked my ankle doing doughnuts on my scooter at work...tried to ride friday and was only able to go an hurt. Saturday was a no-go...I could barely walk. Today it felt pretty good so I decided to make up for lost time.

We ended up doing 4:15 in 15mph winds with gusts to 30. It was pretty epic heading out to gaston but once we turned with the wind we were cruising at 33mph. Brian and I did an extra loop in the fort to rack up the TSS.

I usually take mondays off but I think I'll be down for a bit of threshold work tomorrow and try to put in a 3 day block of hard training.

pretty cool...


LL said...

WTF???? Your TEAMMATE says!

Rich W said...

whenever you mix a few 20 year olds and motorsports...someone's gonna get hurt.