Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I didn't think I had good legs today. My test at work is running up the stairs a few times and they felt heavy (this has been pretty accurate over the years). Riding over to the course was the same. So I was going through all kinds of scenario's as to what I was going to do but at a point I just said: shutup and do the damn workout.

From the first pedal stroke at intensity I felt good and it just kept getting better. I was hitting 280w pretty easily so I didn't stop at 20 min. I just kept riding and slowly ramped it up. My last 6 minutes were at around 300w (total ave @ 285w). It hurt but felt good at the same time, Sexy time!

I've been helping a century type rider at work get dialed in with power and he was out doing some threshold work so I tagged onto his wheel for 20 min and did 5 all out sprints coming off of turn 4. Felt strong. Cruising home I kept it at 90% all the way to the driveway. Killer workout.