Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Went out and did the same pre-crit workout as last week...30' at 93%. The crit was good and fast, about the same speed as last week but for some reason there didn't seem to be many times we weren't going hard. That's the benefit of not racing the crit as a "team"...to stay away you gotta be freaking drilling it.

I felt like I attacked a lot and tried to ride harder than I needed to or should have in different situations. In the end Nick and Toby were away, Nick won and LL "led us out" (which is what you call a brutal attack with 1k to go that gets covered ;-) ...he did do 2x20's this am so I'll cut him some slack). Marc W. is freaking fast, I tried but couldn't even think of coming around him at the end...damn sprinters.

Sunday I didn't post but I did 3 hrs with Jed...easy riding till we met up with the Forest Acres kids doing a race sim and we lit it up...there's gonna be a new and very fast crop of kiddos coming up in the next few years.

Also I was looking over my PMC (chart is updated) and my CTL's at least 10 pts higher than last year. I can really tell the difference the closer I get to 90 tss/d. Good stuff.


Jay said...

Nice PMC! You'll surpass my CTL by the end of the week. I'm at 87.6 today but I'm going to slide lower recovering from a sinus infection.

Rich W said...

That sucks...hopefully it's just pollen related but at least it's good timing for you.