Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Since we're only doing 40' at the crit I wanted to get a bit more TSS tonight so I did a 30' interval at around 92% prior to the start. I felt good on this "warmup" and really had to keep the power in check. I was gonna do 45' but I flatted on the way out there.

The crit was pretty good, lots of attacking & chasing. I found myself away a couple times. Nutty was riding strong tonite, so was lang, brian & Nick. We did miss the HP of the dynamic 35+ duo. I tried to make it hard by either chasing or attacking. The first 15' I had an NP of 305w so I was throwing down. Nothing stayed away so it was a field sprint.

The finish had a strong headwind so a late attack was out of the question. I've been out there training proabably 30x this winter and every time it was a tailwind. No tonight. Because it was going to be a "slow" sprint due to the wind I positioned myself a little farther back than usual...probably 12th wheel or so. At about 200m to go there was a wall of guys going backwards so I went up the right gutter and really thought I could win if the usual suspects got boxed but everyone found a way through so someone won, I think Lang, and I was a half wheel behind him. My NP for the race was 284w with a >1.0 IF. Nice.