Saturday, March 21, 2009

Out like a lion RR

Today's race was pretty fun. Lots going on from the start. I was in front for the first lap or so while Jay and LL worked their way up (huge field). I latched on to a few promising breaks but nothing stuck. At one point it was me and John Patterson with a gap...I rolled past and said "let's go"...he gave me a look then sat up. No respect! I was also away with Brown, Jenkins and Cannell and I was thinking "this is it" but.....No. The route had a decent 1:30 small chainring climb and very narrow back roads.

Eventually Jay and LL got to the front and were tag teaming the attacks while I sat in and recovered. Carolina Masters had a full team there so they were all over the front and firing guys off. Jay ended up getting away with Charlie Brown, Ryan Jenkins & John Patterson (3 carolina masters riders) then Pete Cannell, Gordon Steele, and one other guy. Once they had 30" it was all but over. That's some serious horsepower.

LL and I just surfed the front at that point and I told him that if he could get away to go for it. The Car. Masters were pretty attentive so we had to wait till the last lap and then I told him it was "game on". He got away a couple of times but noone would work so it all came together for the finish.

Jay ended up winning in a 7-up sprint by attacking at the exact perfect time...a very impressive win for him. He beat some hard core Ex pro/world/nat'l champ types. Carolina masters gets the award for worst tactics...ever. They had 3 guys in a 7 man break and the best finish was 3rd. I'm sure his race report will be good reading.

I was feeling really strong at the end and was sitting near the front looking for an opportunity. I just told myself that it was a new race and I wasn't sprinting for 8th! Inside the last k I followed an attack and then 2 guys flew past and I jumped on them and rode to the finish in 10th. LL was boxed in when the surge happened and he got 19th.

We were all stoked with Jay's win and I'm pretty happy with how I rode today. I was active, rode near the front all day and had a decent finish. Coolness.