Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's more like it

After yesterday's meltdown I kindof figured today would be good cuz I usually am after a day off.  Yesterday's hour ride was a whopping 22 TSS and 124w.  I sat around waiting for the rain to stop then headed to the crit course.  

The plan was 2x20'.  The first 20' I felt really strong and it was coming easy so I didn't stop.  The last 10' really sucked and it took a lot of focus and gritting of the teeth to keep the wattage where I wanted it. There was a tailwind coming out of turn 3 so I was absolutely flying around turn 4 with wet roads...that was a bit sketchy.  I ended up with 285w.  I'll take that.

Will probably do another easy day tomorrow then 110 miles on saturday.  I'm also trying out some compression socks for recovery.