Saturday, March 28, 2009

A great 98.978 miles

The ride: Great ride with a big group. I felt just ok for the first couple of hours then started hitting my stride. The last hour I was feeling great and taking some threshold type pulls. The rain held off till the last hour then we got poured on.

At mile 86 I figured we'd better start attacking each other so I launched on a small climb and that lit a spark for the next 20 minutes of attacking/counters. My NP for those 20 min was 287w. Good race prep and some strong pulling by Aaron up till the bitter end.

The crash: I got ran over by a large south american. Landed on my head and shoulder. Definately 10/10 pain and as I lay there I really had to relax and control my breathing to avoid freaking out. I'm really amazed I got up and could ride after that. All I remember is my head and face smashing into the pavement...not good.

The 40' ride back to LL's was probably one of the worst experiences on a bike I've ever had as I couldn't really use my right arm and every bump was excruciating (and it was pouring down rain). Now...6 hours later I'm feeling a lot better, the arm has full range and I think I avoided any severe AC separation, it's "just" a grade I sprain. I've also got some bruised ribs and the usual road rash. My 42 year old body should bounce right back from this!