Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tonight went ok...didn't think I would (or could) ride hard but I did. I've got a lot of form right now so it was easy just to push hard on the pedals and go fast without really involving my upper body. I couldn't stand to sprint or really take a deep breath. It was actually kind of fun to just surf the pack, move around, check things out then attack when I wanted to without any pressure.

After getting a bit discouraged about the pain level this morning I'm back to being optimistic about Sunday.

I videotaped the race with my new camera and it's cool as hell. It will be linked from THIS page.


Sam said...

Nice vid!

LL said...

very cool

Jay said...

Yes, Your new camera is cool as sh*t.

spokejunky said...

Berry berry nice. Like when you guys come back into the group...then Jay and Karl pounce.

Jamie's freaking head tube is as big as his fork.