Thursday, March 12, 2009


Great day on the bike today...I pulled a "casey" and started out with a plan to do 3.5 hrs but 100 miles and 6 hrs later I was home. I had really good legs all day. See my twitter page for some photos/maps. Call it 350 TSS.

The temps started out in the low 40's and I was a bit under dressed at the start and my hands were getting cold so I was looking around for a firehouse or an ambulance. Finally found a small bike shop and picked up a pair of latex gloves and was perfect after that. It really warmed up later in the day and was a stellar sunny day.

It's gonna be weird jumping on my bike for the crit on sunday cuz I've been riding a 50cm Orbea with 40 cm bars and a shortish stem. My bike will feel huge but I do miss it.

Big ski tour tomorrow...