Friday, March 6, 2009


I did an hour today as a prerace opener type ride. Mostly rode easy but did 5' at FTP, 2x1' at 350w and then a couple hard sprints. I feel good and am psyched for tomorrow.

My CTL's at a plateau with all the racing the last 3 weeks but I'm going to try and get it back up with some big rides in Utah. When I get back to Columbia I'll do a big push for the Rock Hill race and try to elicit a peak with some hard short 1' intervals. This has worked pretty well in the past. I'll also be doing the crit in Forest Acres next Sunday.

I probably won't be posting much while I'm out west so check my twitter page for SLC updates. Gotta go do some laundry...

Just TSB's +1.2. First time positive this year!