Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Legs still not 100%...not sure why. Just sat in tonight at TNWC and chilled which can be pretty boring so once the final break went up the road I bridged to it. Waited around till the finish then decided I'd either win or just cruise in.

Funny...the Harrells guy was going super hard on the 2nd to last lap and killing it into the wind...I was thinking wtf is he doing? Until he did a bike throw at the line...with one to go. D'oh!

Coming into the final lap MW was sitting on my wheel which is a definite "you won't win" situation in a sprint...so I let a gap open to see what he would do...nada, so I just cruised in. I'm gonna try to get out and do some VO2 intervals tomorrow to see if I can jump start the legs this week.