Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TNWC and 1x30'

The plan was to do 2x15' at FTP before the crit tonight...I figured that even if I wasn't feeling that great I'd be motivated to ride hard due to other people cruising around. I ended up with good legs and once I got rolling I easily held 284w for 30'. I didn't feel the need to stop for a break.

I rolled around for 15' then started the crit. I tried to ride hard...tried to attack and bridge but as it wore on I was really feeling it. It was a fast TNWC at 25.9 mph. I sort of chilled the last 15' to recover for the sprint. We all lined it out (and btw...you know who, trying to muscle someone off a wheel in a training crit is lame) and I followed Marc W (who won...I think) up the final stretch then jumped to the right gutter and somehow managed to find myself coming up to the front. I thought--Hey, I could win this thing then .0001 seconds later I exploded with 50m to go and basically threw out the anchor. Trouble was that Jamie was on my wheel and I royally S-C-R-E-W-E-D him as he was boxed in...sorry dude! He would have definitely won if he had gotten through.

Video: I only got the first 16 minutes. It's uploading and will be HERE when it's live (30' to go at 10:30pm). I'm happier with the shot as most of you will be too! I tried to get my PT data in the frame but the cpu was too far from the lens...I think that will be cool to see in the future.


LL said...

video is cool!

mdrogalis said...

Well, that was cool. I may need to finally show up to get beat up on.