Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Level 6

Last year at nats I got killed by the dozen or so 30" to 1' efforts at around 430-480w (150-160%). I did a few Level 6 workouts in 08 but after the race I knew I needed lots more for this year to be there at the end.

I had planned on doing this workout this morning but when the alarm went off I moved my legs around to evaluate em and they HURT so I rolled over and slept. After work I sat around till the rain stopped and headed out to the crit course. Legs felt good with the extra 8 hours of "recovery" at work but on the first pedal stroke of interval #1 I had the thunk...thunk...thunk: Flat. That sucked but got it changed and did a lap to rewarmup.

I had planned on doing 10x1' but ended up doing 12 cuz I felt good and the watts kept flowing...I never faded. My numbers were great...much better than last year. I felt really strong.

The effort went something like this: Start at the turnaround down down by the stoplight...Stand and semi-sprint for 20s trying to keep it under 500w. Hammer thru the little S turn and then sit and start driving it up the final stretch...focus on that large "for lease" sign and then once there stand and give it all for the last 15". Easy spin around the course then do it again. I like to break up intervals into chunks like this. 3' rest.